20 Min Yoga Workout Blast | Best Yoga For Lower Body Strength & Flexibility

[ Music ], when the road just keeps going for miles, we're, gone again. Welcome to beautiful bc, canada. We are here today on the grounds of the sentinel wellness retreat center with an energizing and strengthening yoga workout practice.

This class will be about finding the perfect balance between cultivating lower body strength and welcoming greater flexibility, leaving you feeling amazing and ready to take on the day. So if you're ready to challenge yourself and reconnect, grab your mat and let's begin [, Music ] today's.

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Three different deodorants that are regularly 36. for twenty four dollars, which is thirty three percent off with that said, let's, get back to our practice. Grab your mat and let's, begin [, Music, ], all right friends! Let's begin today, standing at the top of your mat so coming in over with your feet together and then opening the palms of your hands forward and just taking a second to close your eyes.

Finding this grounding this presence within yourself and then take a deep breath in as you reach both arms up to the sky elongating through the spine and then exhale palms of your hands together, bring them over to your heart and once again, deep breath in big reach.

Arms reach up to the sky, exhale palms together, dive yourself, all the way down into your forward fold, taking an inhale just coming up halfway and then exhale, releasing into your forward fold stepping back into high plank position, taking a gentle chaturanga or knees chest chin.

If you want to start slow and then extending an opening into your upward facing dog, [ Music, ] exhale pressing into the hands and then releasing the toes downward facing dog, taking this moment, to really feel how your body's.

Responding to this feel free to walk your dog out on one spot, bending one knee at a time, pressing the opposite heel into the mat feeling a nice release through the back of your legs, your hamstrings, your calves, pressing both heels down as you take another inhale.

Exhale, let it go slowly on your next inhale, come on down over to your knees and then bring your weight over towards your left. Knee right, leg extends all the way out reaching your right arm up to the sky.

Now from here, all we're gonna do is just lift that straight leg up and lower for one lift and two lift and three so starting to begin with our lower body, strengthening here, working the outer thigh or glute.

As you lift the leg up and lower making sure that your core is engaged here, your top knee should be facing the same direction as both of your hips. Now lift that leg up hold flex. Your foot engaging through your core don't drop that leg and then from here that top arm is going to come over towards your waistline.

All you're going to do is just give me little pulses, one two, three, four: five: six, seven, eight, nine ten, ten nine keep going. Eight, seven, six, five, four three two one awesome point the toes and then bring that top knee forward.

Bending the knee and extending the bottom leg reaching the top arm all the way towards the front of your mat, big stretch of the body here and then come all the way down over to your hip and elbow. We're gonna work, the inner thigh extending that bottom knee now you're gonna lift it and lower for one lift and two.

So now we're working through the inner thigh toning and engaging that part of the body. Your top leg is bent and your heel is grounded on the floor, working through the inner thigh, lift and lower. Now you're gonna lift and just circle that leg forward circle.

One circle two so draw a little circle. Four, five, six seven stay on your hip; eight, nine! Ten, now reverse side backwards, circle back two, three, four: five: six! You got it! Seven, eight nine and ten well done from here just stay where you are lift that leg reach that top arm up to the sky.

Then we're, going to do a quick little transition through the side plank, so stack your feet on that same elbow, you're just going to lift both hips up top arm reaches to the sky, and then it'S going to reach towards the front of your mat and then you're, going to transition to both elbows and then you're, going to come on up to your high plank and then take a flow.

You got this chaturanga dandasana. Take it down inhale upward facing dog and then exhale press it back release into your downward facing dog awesomeness open up your feet, a little wider. If you can let that sternum fall towards the mat, take a deep breath in into your body and let everything go now.

I'm, going to show you the first variation of our next exercise so feel free to follow along you're, going to bend your knees step. Your right foot left foot to the front into a malasana yogic squat squatting.

The slow is too difficult for you. You come up halfway and just stay halfway there. All right so do whatever feels best for your body. Now, once you got to your ultimate squat position, then come on down with both hands step back with the right foot, left foot back into plank, repeat, left right now: malasana or half malasana.

If you need to hands down step back step back variation, two a little bit more challenging to hop right into that squad or malasana, preferably hands down hop back to plank ready. Let's, keep going hop forward or step and back into plank and into squat hands in prayer hands down plank position.

So you can take this as slow as you need to. If you are stepping one foot at a time, maybe your pace will be a little bit slower and that's. Okay, just listen to your body, keep going getting as low as you can with your hips each time you come into your malasana squat jump back good hands in prayer when you come to your squat variation and plank and yogic squat now hold it here now.

If you're in that halfway position, see if you can go a little bit lower with your hips, trying your best to keep your heels, grounded on the floor, pushing your elbows into the knees really encouraging a deeper opening of the hips and then From here, hands are going to come back onto the mat.

You're, going to step back into plank position and take your flow chaturanga upward facing dog and exhale push it back. Downward facing dog awesome take a deep breath into the belly exhale. Let it go, bend your knees and then from here we're, going to get into our other side of our lower body strengthening.

So if you're on your left knee this time, you're, going to go on to your right or vice versa. Top leg is extended, deep breath in exhale kick and lower for one kick and two kick and three very nice. Keep going and for your top arm is reaching up to the sky.

You're, engaging your core muscles here, just working that leg working, the outer thigh working the glute, as well as your oblique muscles, keep going kick now hold it there flex. Your foot top arm is going to come over towards your waistline, and all we're going to do is, do baby pulses, ready, let's, go ahead and bring that hand down and let's pulse that leg up.

Two: three: four: five: six: seven, eight, nine ten more ten, nine, eight, seven, six, five, four three two and one awesome hold that leg there and then bend that top knee ground, the heel and the foot to the floor.

Bottom leg extends all the way back. As you reach, that top arm towards the front of your mat, big stretch of the side body here, keep reaching and then drop yourself all the way down onto your hip and then on to your elbow top arm is going to reach around and grab that front Ankle and let's, work the inner thigh reaching that leg up and down lift and two lift; and three and four you got this five [ Music, ], six, so working the inner thigh.

Now to do all the work. Eight nine try to stay on your hip in a straight line. Ten beautiful now lift that leg circle it forward for one two: three baby circle: four: five: six don't rush; seven, eight, nine! Ten, now reverse the circle to the back.

For ten nine, eight seven, six, five, four three two and one awesome - lift that leg hold it there, one last breath as you reach that top arm up to the sky awesome, and then we're gonna transition back through that side elbow plank.

So stack your feet onto that elbow underneath you lift the hips and reach that top arm up to the sky side elbow plank. Now again, we're just using this more of a transition rather than a full hold, so lift the hips.

If you can and then you're going to release back over to both elbows and then transition yourself up into high plank to resume with your flow, so come on up to your high plank now, i'm just going to switch Sides so i'm facing the same direction to the top of my mat.

However, you stay in your high plank and then from here we take our chaturanga dandasana upward facing dog and exhale push back release into your downward facing dog. Taking a deep breath in here. Let it go connecting to your body to how you're feeling at this moment right now in your practice, take another deep breath in lift the heels bend.

Your knees hop towards the front of your mat into that molassena squat. Once again, so again, you can come up down halfway. If you need to, or do your best to see how far you can drop your hips and then taking your left hand to the mat right arm reaches up to the skies.

You bring your gaze up and then just switch to the other side right hand to the mat left arm, reaches up a little pull and reach towards each side of your hip. Beautiful, come back to center palms, together into that molassena squat.

We're, going to go into our malasana squats. What you're going to do is keep your toes and knees facing outward reach up to the sky. Exhale squat as low as you can big reach up and lower for two. So the challenge of this particular movement is to use the strength in your lower body to lift yourself up from a very low malasana squat, all the way up to a standing position, keep going lift up, reach both arms up to the sky, exhale squat it down, And lift up and squat and lift up each time you come up, try to do a big circle with the arms come on down to your malasana, keep going almost done, keeping your toes pointed slightly away from your body.

Your knees in that same direction, good and lift up reach up, use the strength of your lower body of your glutes, come on down now into your melasana and hold inhale exhale hands to the mat, lift your hips heel toe your feet, so they'Re on the mat and then you're gonna hop or step back to plank chaturanga upward facing dog and exhale push back release into your downward facing dog, breathe it out.

This is your moment to reconnect with your body and your breath. [ Music ], take a pause. Take a deep breath in exhale from here reach your left leg up to the sky, bend your knee and then i want you to step it towards the left side of your mat into your lizard lunge.

Both hands are staying, grounded on the mat and just breathe here feeling a nice stretch in your psoas in your hip flexor. You can bend that bottom knee to the mat to make this a little bit easier if you wish.

But truly i just want you to feel it out. If you want, you can press your left hand into your left knee and add a little bit more of a release of the hip away from the body. However, if you're feeling a deep enough stretch and just keeping the knee facing forward and the foot grounded, you can do that as well, so really play with this position here notice how your body responds to it now to go a little bit Deeper, we're, going to take that left arm and then see.

If you can reach back and grab the back heel once you can reach, then you're gonna think about pulling the heel towards the glute to add even a deeper stretch into your quadricep with each exhalation see if you can pull the heel.

A little bit closer awesome and then once you're ready, you can release your foot hand comes back down onto your mat tuck. Your back toes, underneath lift the back knee off the floor. Now, ground your hands into the mat you're, going to bring all of your weight.

There extend that front knee into plank and then step it back into your lizard, extend back into plank and lizard for two. You got three more and three. So this requires a lot of core and upper body stabilization and four last one extend into your plank back to your lizard and five hold it here.

All you're going to do is just step back into plank and then step your other leg forward for one step back into plank same leg forward for two plank lizard, three, so just a quick little switch on both legs, four and then five And six keep going and seven and eight engage in your core nine hold it there now.

So now we're, going right into the lizard on the other side drop the back knee onto the mat, and this is where you get to have a little play time. You can either push that right, knee away from your body really going deep into the hip or you can keep it straight as it was, and just focus on releasing the hip flexor.

Just listen to how your body feels in this particular position. If you're working with pushing the right knee away from your body, see if you can roll that front foot to the lateral side, the pinky toe as it'll.

Allow you a little bit more space to go deeper. If that's, what you're, looking for and then from here reach and grab the back heel, let's, begin to go deeper into the quadricep pulling the heel in towards your glute, with each exhalation awesome job deep! Breathing [ Music, ] exhale go a little bit more and then release awesome.

You guys both hands grounded on the mat. Now lift the back knee off the floor. We're, going to extend into plank and then step your right foot forward. So just work with the one leg and two so press into the hands, extend and lift that right: leg back and three press it back and four and press it back and five hold that lizard.

Let's. Do a lizard switches back to plank left foot forward back to plank right foot forward, keep going plank, left foot length right, foot plank, left foot length right foot, so you're, just switching from left to right with a quick little plank hold in Between last two, let's, take it to the left blank and to the right.

Now you're gonna step back to plank and give me a chaturanga upward facing dog and exhale push it back releasing into your downward facing dog, breathe. It out. Well done just find a moment to connect to your body and your breath and then let's, go a little deeper into the glutes.

We're, going to just take your right knee and bring it over towards your right. Thumb grounding the shin bone square off your hips. Your back leg is extended and then come on down with your entire body over towards your pigeon pose, so your hands can stay next to your body or they can stack in front of you.

Whatever feels comfortable here for your body, if you need to use a little prop underneath your right hip, like a pillow or a bolster or a yoga block, feel free to do that as well. Most importantly, is what we're thinking about now is breathing deeply into the right, glute muscle, after all those squats and planks and lunges.

We want to breathe as much oxygen into that area of the body to release any tension or any soreness. You may be feeling welcoming fresh oxygen into the body into the blood into the muscles inhaling deeply [ Applause ] and let it go [ Music, ] noticing, where you're, holding the most tension here once you can pinpoint that exact location see.

If you can breathe a little deeper into that area of your body awesome now, once you're ready to come out, we're, just gonna press and lift the upper body. First, tuck your back toes step back into your downward facing dog and just flow it out, chaturanga up dog and exhale downward facing dog.

Wonderful, let's. Go right into the other side. Left knee to your left. Thumb grounding the shin bone, walking the back leg as far back as you can, so you're in a nice, comfortable square position and then come on down with your elbows and your body into your pigeon on your left side.

The same thing here close your eyes and just focus on the breath: the pure movement of oxygen coming into the body as you inhale and letting it all go as you exhale [, Music ]. With the release of your breath, let go of tension.

Let go of any stiffness, you may be feeling in the body. Let go of any energy that no longer serves. You today use your own, conscious breath to release everything that needs to be released, breathe it in and let it go [ Music ].

Let your body relax deeper and deeper into this posture inhale and then exhale. Slowly, let's. Come on out lifting your upper body tucking, your back toes and stepping back into your downward facing dog final flow hair come through into plank chaturanga upward facing dog.

As you open up the body in the heart and exhale, let yourself go into your downward facing dog. Great and then, once you're ready, all you're going to do is just bend your knees and come on over to your seated position.

At the center of your mat cross your feet in front of you just find a nice grounded position here, resting your hands on the knees, closing your eyes and just finding a moment to center yourself to ground yourself.

Close your eyes. Just take a deep breath in and let it go take another deep breath in this time. I want you to take a big reach with both arms up to the sky elongate the spine, then exhale bringing your hands back down towards your heart, bowing down towards your own heart, thanking yourself for your beautiful practice today.

Thank you so much for joining me on your mat today. I hope you feel refreshed and energized to take on whatever the day may bring your way. I send you love and light namaste [, Music ] thanks so much for watching.

If you enjoyed this video, it would mean the world to us if you would click the little red subscribe button, as it will help our content rise to the top. Sending you all our love thanks again and we'll, see you soon: [ Music ], you

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