A great chest is all about size, which is why you work the upper chest for volume, but you also need great definition, and for that you have to target the lower chest that line under the pec, which separates and defines the muscle, but to get it you Need to hit a particular part of the chest, working just the right angle.

So all the exercises you're about to watch work precisely along that key line to create a well-defined lower chest. You can do this as one complete workout or add any of the exercises to your regular chest.

Routine, ready starting with a familiar exercise. Cable flies. You don't always have to start with this exercise. We're, showing you flies first, because they best illustrate how to hit the right angle for lower chest.

That means leaning forward, starting with elbows back and high, and the line to target right here. This is the key line of the lower pack. That's, the line you're, going to squeeze and then stretch. Remember it's all about getting the perfect angle for that lower pec line crossing hands at the bottom for an extra squeeze.

Okay, let's. Take a look at a variation on an exercise. You're, probably familiar with machine fly. But again this is about hitting exactly the right angle, which you do by standing. Leaning back find the right angle to work the chest exactly here.

Then it's. Your usual fly movement out to the sides squeeze in the middle, coming up how to get an extra boost for lower chest from dips, but first another variation. You might not have seen before this is a jackhammer push down target the lower chest by taking the elbows out and to the sides, then coming down working the chest right here.

This isn't about simply bending and straightening the elbows that would work. Triceps instead lean slightly forward, take the elbows out to open the chest and really use that pec muscle to help you squeeze as you come down.

Okay, let's. Take a look at bench press! We know that the incline press works upper chest. So yes for lower chest, you're, going to set the bench to decline, but to hit the sweet spot. The angle and the movement have to be exactly right.

Some benches can be adjusted if not maybe raise the front of the bench. So you're hitting the spot. You want the line you're working is right here, squeeze at the top and stretch it out. Elbows out to the sides bring the dumbbells up and together above the chest, we're using dumbbells here, instead of a bar to allow a full squeeze when the weights come together.

Finally, dips and a great tip for getting added value from this exercise with the right angle. Dips are perfect to hit that key area under the lower pack here, but today we're, adding a shrug at the top of the movement.

So you're, not just working the lower pack. You're, also bringing in the surrounding muscles helping you get that overall definition, you're looking for so it's up at the top shrug and squeeze don't forget a full chest is also about Creating volume in the whole pec muscle fit media channel has plenty of workouts on our chest day, playlist to help you do that and for video demonstrations of hundreds of different exercises check out fit media's.

Complete exercise database, which is free on our website,

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